The 8th Day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas Fork and the Cork gave to me:

A Gr8 centerpeice idea: Make your own Gingerbread House (well,kind of)

It's a kit from Costco, is less than $10 (hurry, they won't be getting any more in), and it's a nifty little project for everyone. The kit comes with more gummies and candy than you would know what to do with, and not nearly enough coconut (snow), for ground cover. White and green icing are both included, but I stuck with the white due to this little issue: The not-so-commercial-strength pastry bag busted mid-frost due to my excellent grip strength. We went from "oh this is going to be so perfect everyone will think I am just amazing, like Martha", to "I think I will blame this little masterpiece on my four year old niece, Brooke".

So the last time I made a gingerbread house was in high school, in creative cooking class, Christmas 1992. I baked it all from scratch, and of course the sides didn't really match up, and it required extra globs of icing to cover it up. I remember looking at the finished product, thinking, huh. I should stick with cooking the peroshki (another cooking project I had previously excelled at).

Well, my creative cooking teacher, Mrs. Hansler, must have just watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and she chose my little underdog of a project for the display case, in the main hallway, with my name on a little card next to it. Thank you Mrs. Hansler for that.


  1. ARG! I forgot to pick mine up from Costco on Friday, guess there won't be a gingerbread house this year.


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