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Screw Milkshakes. Bacon brings all the boys to the yard

A little over a year ago, my better half and I chose to become plant-based eaters for the most part.  I say “most part” because of Bacon, you can’t just give up bacon.  It’s not meat right?  No, it’s MEAT CANDY.  After being pretty strict for a year, we are now more of  the meat-as-a-special-occasion/meat-on-the-side/what-the-hell-were-we-thinking/bacon-is-always-allowed crowd.  Also I’m pretty sure cheese comes from a plant.
I have a wealth of delicious, plant-based, healthy recipes in my repertoire, however this is not one of them.When you don’t post on your blog for over 4 years (unless you count the dozens of amusing, witty, and very brilliant entries I meant to write down at 3am), you must go big-- not like “Big Salad" Elaine style-- it’s a salad, only bigger with lots of stuff in it, but BIGGER.Like fancy pants Chipotle Bacon Mac and Cheese.
For those of you noshing sans Gluten, this recipe is easily adaptable.
Ingredients: 6 bacon strips (I prefer the thick-cut applewood smoke…