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Laisser les bons temps rouler- Let the good times roll!

Fat Tuesday came and went. What was I doing? Well, my 35 year old bad self was hanging with my pups, enjoying a glass (or maybe two) of wine, and lamenting that American Idol was not on until Wednesday.

When I was in my (mostly early) 20's, Fat Tuesday was a fantastic excuse to party downtown, collecting beads over harmless innuendos, maybe "wooing" (you know like a cheerleader wooooo!) one too many times because it was just TOO much fun! That was when I could actually handle a little something we like to call liquor. And even multiple nights in a row!! During the week!!

Well, my excitement over holidays has shifted to excitement over preparing a dish that goes with said holiday. And enjoying the wine. This seems like a good introduction to my recipe, Cajun Chicken Pasta. Seriously, so easy.

This week, I've felt very Rachel-Ray-ish (not because I'm using complicated words like EVOO, stoup, sammie, and delish- it's cool Rach, you're still my girl), but bec…

Did you miss me?

Baby, if you've ever wondered, wondered, whatever became of me....... Well, I'm not the love child of Herb Tarlek and Jennifer Marlowe, living on the air in Cincinnati, delighting in the misadventures of the staff of a struggling fictional radio station. 

Nope, I've just been busy I guess. And uninspired. This doesn't mean I haven't prepared/eaten/experienced incredible culinary delights of recent, it just means I haven't shared them with you! HA!

The re-cap of said delights includes everything from eating a bacon cookie (bacon in a cookie), taking a lovely class on "mastering meats", successfully making Bonefish Grill's Bang-Bang Shrimp at home (sooooo good), and of course, peanut sauce. MMMM. Peanut sauce.

This past weekend, with the fabulous weather which graces Seattle (and I'm sure Cincinnati) in February, we were in the mood for winter comfort. For me, comfort food means it's hot, and either carb-y, cheesy, meaty, or starchy. Or if yo…