Aloha, Mahalo, and Bon Appetit!

Ok so I've been off the blogging world radar for a couple of weeks-- and now that I've re-grouped, my Maui tan is fading fast (yes, we went to Maui), I am gearing up for some exciting new adventures in fork and the cork!

Maui Tan

There are two that I will share with you now, and the third will be revealed at a later date. Stay tuned!!!!

The first is that I have joined: Mario's Weekend Cooking Contest, via facebook. Once a month, all members will cook the same recipe, compare notes, and discuss as a group. Mario is Mario Bosquez, host of Living Today on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius Radio). I am so excited about this endeavor, and am hoping to learn new techniques, and work with ingredients that have scared me out of the kitchen in the past. And all of this I will document and blog about so the rest of you don't need to be scared out of the kitchen too!!

The second: For Christmas this year, my sister gave me the book: I KNOW HOW TO COOK. This has been the cooking bible to three generations of French families. First published in 1932, it has regularly been updated and revised, and is an essential fixture on the counters of French kitchens. I hold in my possesion the very first English edition, adapted by a team of cookery experts. There are high expectations here people-- Look out Julia!!!!  I'm going to master the art of French cooking. Well, kind of at least. Once a week I will try a new recipe out of my new book, to share with you. I don't promise to make everything (sorry, broiled kidneys, veal gratin, and oxtail soup are a little out there even for me), but I will bring you both messes and successes!!

Since I haven't done any real noteworthy cooking lately, I'll share with you some noteworthy bites I had while out and about:

My husband and I discovered our new favorite restaurant: Epulo Bistro in downtown Edmonds, WA.
We had mushroom and rosemary flatbread pizza that was amazing. Then we went back and had prosciutto and arugula flatbread pizza that was also ridiculous, in the best possible way. They offer a lot more than flatbread pizza, but happy hour it is half priced (unbelievable!), and it's soooooo good. If you are in the area, or you just need a reason to come to beautiful downtown Edmonds, Epulo just can't be missed. They also serve brunch on the weekends, and lunch daily.

In Maui, we stayed just north of Lahaina, in Kaanapali. Our favorite meal was at Leilani's, on the beach. I had shrimp scampi (hello butter, hello lobster tasting shrimp, hello pasta, goodbye diet) and Mark had teryaki marinated steak with coconut shrimp, and potatoes. The steak was so tender you could cut it with your fork. Ahhhh. It was awesome. Almost as good as a Maui sunset!
Shrimp Scampi

Teryaki Steak

 Stay tuned, I will be starting the I KNOW HOW TO COOK challenge this weekend!!

Maui Sunset


  1. Jealous of your trip to Maui! Love the Maui tans! And the food sounds so yummy. I was browsing through that fench cookbook at work the other day, it scared me! Good luck on your new cooking adventures.


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